In-course Admission

In-course admission is only available for undergraduate degree co-op programs. The application process is competitive and is based on grades as well as the amount of available space in the program to which you are applying. Admission to co-op for current University of Guelph students is based on the following criteria:

  • first year student registered in a program that offers co-op having completed no more than 3.0 credits* if applying for a program with a Fall application deadline or no more than 6.0 credits* if applying for a program with a Winter application deadline at the time of admission.
  • minimum cumulative average of 70% (meeting the minimum cumulative average requirement does not guarantee your admittance to co-op).
  • registered full-time each academic semester.
  • agree to the schedule of studies for co-op as outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar, or as approved by your Program Counsellor and the Experiential Learning Hub.

*Normally all previously completed courses that count towards the program (core, restricted electives, electives) will be included when determining eligibility.

Continuation requirements for co-op students include:

  • Taking a full-time course load each semester (a minimum of 2.0 credits unless you have an approved accommodation plan due to a disability-related reason or an approved accommodation due to medical, psychological, compassionate reasons).
  • Following the academic schedule as specified in the Undergraduate Calendar

In the Undergraduate Calendar, the degree program followed by :C (a colon and the letter C) denotes co-op; for example, MEF:C is co-op.

To Apply: