International Co-op Work Term

*All University-funded or sponsored travel to countries outside of Canada is cancelled/postponed until further notice. This applies to faculty, staff, students and researchers, and includes international exchanges and placements.Student safety is always our first priority.

A global co-op work term does more than add an international work experience to your resume. You will gain an increased understanding of other parts of the world, its people and perhaps, most importantly, yourself.


Working abroad is not for everyone, but the unique challenges you face may very well be your best reward. You will find a list of sites below that will be helpful in an international co-op job search.


Locations that University of Guelph Co-op Stuents have completed work terms during the 2017/2018 academic year


"My international co-op placement broadened my horizons beyond the typical left me feeling more accomplished and proud of myself than any other work placement I have had. Working abroad helped me develop admirable problem solving skills, resiliency, independence and confidence, both within my workplace, as well as outside in the larger world. In addition to these benefits, I was able to meet so many incredible people from around the world, make connections, as well as further travel plans throughout Europe for the remainder of the summer where I plan to backpack. An international co-op experience is something I would recommend to everyone and anyone looking for a challenging and valuable experience" - Jacqueline Haalboom, English Teacher Intern, Spain. 


"Cleveland has become a part of me and will always be my second home. My experience in Cleveland helped me grow as a person and has strengthened my knowledge in the hospitality industry" - Kate Sheppard, Management Intern, Cleveland, OH, USA. 


Click here to read more testimonials from students who have completed International Co-op Work Terms 

Provincial Summer Research Programs 

The ORA, OBW, and OJS provincial programs all offer summer research programs during which students engage in research supervised by a professor at one of the participating host universities in that country.  Students may be able to receive University of Guelph credit for these programs if they find a University of Guelph professor to supervise and mark them for an independent research course (speak to a Program Counsellor for more information).  Students may also be able to use the research program as a Co-op work term.  The ideal work term length is 16 weeks; however work terms of at least 12 weeks will be considered.  Inform your Co-op Coordinator if you are interested in pursuing a Provincial Summer Research Program. 


Ontario/Rhone-Alpes (ORA) - France

The ORA Program offers research opportunities for students in science, engineering and health sciences through the ORA Summer Research Program. Detailed information is available on the ORA Summer Research Program website.


Ontario/Baden-Wurttemberg (OBW) - Germany

The OBW Program offers research opportunities for students in science, engineering and health sciences through the OBW Summer Research Program. Detailed information is available on the OBW Summer Research Program website.


Ontario/Jiangsu (OJS) - China

Through the OJS Summer Research Program, Ontario students from any faculty can spend the summer semester undertaking research in their field of study, guided by a faculty member at one of the nine participating Jiangsu universities. Each participant will be awarded a scholarship of $3000 to support student travel and living costs in China.  More information is available on the OJS website.


DADD Rise Germany

RISE Germany offers three month summer research internships in Germany for full-time undergraduate students enrolled at a university/college in the United States, Canada, the UK or Ireland in the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, earth sciences or engineering (or a closely related field).  Please review the DAAD RISE Germany website for more information. 


AIESEC - Global Talent 


The AIESEC GLOBAL TALENT program is an internship experience for young people aiming towards professional career development in a global setting.  They offer professional experiences in the area of business administration, information technology, teaching, and marketing. Click here to learn more about AIESEC


Positions through AIESEC are paid and range in duration from 3-12 months.  The ideal work term length is 16 weeks; however work terms of at least 12 weeks will be considered.  This is an optional program co-op students may consider.  There is an AIESEC program fee of $720 payable after you have been matched with a job.  This fee is in addition to the regular co-op fee.  If you are interested in learning more and viewing available opportunities, review the GLOBAL TALENT program.  


Note: Inform your Co-op Coordinator if you are interested in pursuing a position through AIESEC.  As well, connect with the AIESEC Guelph contacts below.  They can help you through the process and determine if your experience and skills are a good fit for their international opportunities. 


AIESEC Guelph Contacts 

Jaspreet Sagoo

Local Committee President 2018

(519) 573-8904

Justina Walker

VP of Outgoing Exchange 2018

(519) 350-8794


This is an option for full-time students in science, engineering, business, and applied arts subjects to gain relevant work experience abroad while living in and learning about another culture. Through the internship program, you are paid enough to cover your living expenses in the country of work and you’ll expand your horizons by working and living in a foreign country. IAESTE also charges a placement fee if you receive a placement.  Click here for more information on IAESTE Canada.

Additional International Work Search Resources

For more information, visit the International Work section of the Student Experience Department website.  You will find additional helpful resources to assist in your international work term exploration. 

Self-Directed Network Job Search

You can also conduct a self-directed international job search tapping into your network with the support of your Co-op Coordinator.  You can focus your search on a specific country, industry, and type of position and introduce UofG Co-op and what you have to offer through your qualifications, skills and experience.  If the company meets the necessary requirements (paid position in your field with full-time hours), your Co-op Coordinator can help you turn the opportunity into a co-op position.  You will need to complete a Co-operative Education Network Job Confirmation Form for your Co-op Coordinator to review and approve. 

Travel Grants

Guelph students have the opportunity to experience different cultures and communities to enhance learning experiences. Travel Grants are used to offset additional costs like airfare, vaccinations and travel insurance that are associated with travelling.  Review the travel grants link to see if you are eligible.

Safe Travel Information

Travelling safely helps academic travelers focus on their studies, research and community work without letting things like illness, crime, traffic accidents etc. spoil the real purpose of the trip.  Click here for the travel safe information link provided by the Centre for International Programs at U of G.

All University of Guelph students travelling abroad (including the U.S.) as part of their academic program (study abroad program, class field trip, conference, co-op work term, etc.) must complete DepartSmart, the online pre-departure orientation on CourseLink.

After you have confirmed your international work term you will be required to complete the DepartSmart program.  DepartSmart is offered through the Centre for International Programs and will provide you with information on travelling safely: insurance, immigration, and other topics relevant to academic travel.

Pre-departure Orientation - DepartSmart

Guard.Me travel health insurance is required for Guelph students going abroad.  Co-op students are required to have a work permit/visa to have valid legal authorization to undertake co-op work term activities in another country.  Your visa/permit may require a specific insurance required by the organization granting the visa.  Conduct your own research and due diligence and compare the coverage of your insurance coverage for your visa/permit to the Guard.Me insurance coverage.  Students would be required to purchase the mandatory insurance as part of their visa/permit process and they may also choose to purchase Guard.Me for additional insurance coverage. 

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