Student Experience Resources

Market Student Academic Experiences

At the university, faculty work on developing learning outcomes for students in their courses. Students are assessed on the material covered to meet those outcomes. We help students connect learning outcomes and assessments to employability skills. It’s a change in focus from what they have learned, to what they can market. 

Students need to learn how to convert academic language to employer language. For example, an essay becomes a written report. Students leave the classroom with an extensive set of skills they have developed, but they do not always recognize them. They are not sure how to put those skills in a resume or speak to them in an interview. We help students understand how the knowledge they developed and assessments they completed in class can become the experience employers are looking for.

Here are a few helpful resources for your reference:

How to Market You Academic Experiences

Market Your Academic Experiences Worksheet

What Can I Do With My Degree?

Useful resources for students are our popular "What Can I Do with My Degree?" pages. These pages contain examples of potential jobs and links to the outlook for these positions. They also list employers that have posted job opportunities on RecruitGuelph. Finally, there are links to job and professional association sites. All of the information is customized by degree program.

Drop-In Sessions

Refer students to Co-operative Education & Career Services for a one-on-one drop-in sessions with a Career Advisor to discuss employment or further education questions they may have. Over 2,000 students visited us for drop-ins in the past academic year. Drop-in sessions are offered daily, click here for more information.