Managing Offers of Employment

You’ve written a fantastic resume, nailed your interviews, and now the job offers are starting to trickle in. Congratulations! 

But hold on – you’re not quite done yet! 

Accepting a job offer is an important final piece of the job searching puzzle. It provides you with the opportunity to clarify the expectations of your new role and the onboarding process, as well as make a great impression with your new boss. 

During this exciting time, you may find yourself with multiple job offers. It’s great when you make a decision and finally accept an offer, but most people forget that this also involves turning down the other organizations. The employers in the “no” pile are still waiting to hear back from you, and it would be highly unprofessional to leave them hanging. Overall, it’s in your best interest to try to maintain the relationships all around. You never know, these contacts may become extremely valuable five years down the road.