Workshop Requests

The Experiential Learning Hub has professional staff and trained peer helpers available to facilitate customized workshops targeted toward your audience’s specific career development needs:

  • Career planning.
  • Further education planning.
  • How to network or conduct a targeted job search.
  • Marketing knowledge, skills and attitudes to prospective employers.
  • Translating curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular experience to your resume or cover letter. 
  • Whether, when and how to disclose a disability during the career planning, job search or employment process.
  • Many more topics specific to your student’s career development questions, concerns or needs.

When making a request it is helpful to also provide the date and time of request, who the students are that will be attending (undergraduates/graduates, discipline (if relevant) etc.) and any information you feel is relevant to this request (number of students expected) etc.

If you are a faculty member wanting a career advisor to come into your classroom, please contact the advisor for your College:

College of Arts: Nicola Edwards,

College of Biological Science: Julia Leary,

College of Engineering & Physical Sciences: Amoy Marshall Green,

College of Social & Applied Human Sciences: Jana McDonald,

Gordon S. Lang School of Business: Kate Cooper,

Ontario Agricultural College: Karolina Rachtan,

Ontario Veterinary College: Kris Gies,

If you are a staff member or student wanting career development planning for your students (outside of the classroom), please contact Brittney McManus,, ext. 54797