High School Admission

Admission to the co-op program from high school is based on the following criteria:

  • You are applying to one of the programs offering the co-op option.*

  • You have an 80% or higher average in your University-level high school courses for degree co-op programs.**

  • You have a 60% or higher average in your college level high school courses for associate diploma co-op programs. **

*Note: All students applying to co-op must declare a major in order to be considered for co-op with the exception of Bachelor of Science (Environmental Sciences) students – students in these programs must declare their major prior to beginning their second year of studies.

**Note: Meeting the minimum averages does not guarantee admission. Admission cut-off rates vary from year to year and may be higher than 80% (for degree programs) or 60% (for associate diploma programs), depending on the number of spaces available in each program. Applications to co-op during first year may be considered for degree programs; please refer to the Current University of Guelph Students admission information. Applicants not accepted to a co-op program will automatically be considered for admission to the comparable regular degree and associate diploma programs. 

In the Undergraduate Calendar and the Associate Diploma Calendar, the degree or associate diploma program followed by :C (a colon and the letter C) denotes co-op; for example, MEF:C is co-op.

Continuation requirements for all co-op students include:

  • Remaining full-time in your studies (a minimum of 2.0 credits per semester is required unless an approved accommodation plan has been implemented due to a disability-related reason or an approved accommodation due to medical, psychological, compassionate reasons)

  • Following the academic schedule as specified in the Undergraduate Calendar and Associate Diploma Calendar 

To Apply

  • To apply, you must apply to the University through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) for degree co-op programs or Ontario Colleges (OCAS) for associate dipolma co-op programs. Be sure to mark the section titled “Co-operative Education” as opposed to the regular program.

  • You can direct your questions about co-op admissions to Guelph’s Admissions Office.