External Transfer Students

Students studying at another institution cannot apply directly for admittance to co-op at the University of Guelph.  The student must first be accepted to Guelph in order to determine how many transfer credits they will receive towards their Guelph degree program. 

Admission to co-op for external transfer students is based on the following criteria:

  • You are applying to one of the programs offering the co-op option.

  • You have a 70% or higher average in your previous university or college courses.

  • Students must be able to demonstrate that they will complete the necessary full-time academic semesters and are not beyond their second year of studies at the University of Guelph. Therefore, students with more than 5.0 transfer credits may not be considered for admittance.

  • You are taking a full time course load each semester (minimum 2.0 credits).

  • You agree to the schedule of studies for co-op outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar, or as approved by the academic department and CECS.

  • There is currently space in the Co-op program to which you're applying.

​Determining whether you are eligible for co-op

  • CECS works with the academic program counselling office to determine a student’s status at the University of Guelph. You must follow these important steps:

  • First contact the academic department who will determine how many of your transfer credits will count towards your Guelph degree.

  • Once the academic program counselling office determines your academic level (first year, second year, etc.) you can contact CECS to learn more about co-op. 

  • You may be directed back to the academic department to draft a Co-op Academic & Work Sequence Agreement to ensure that you can follow the full prescribed schedule of studies listed in the Undergraduate Calendar.

  • ** Be prepared to submit to CECS an official transcript from your previous university along with your application for Co-op Admission.

Continuation requirements for co-op students include:

  • Maintaining a 70% average across all courses during your first semester.

  • Successfully completing COOP*1100, a mandatory non-credit course required to be taken in the Fall semester.

  • Taking a full-time course load each semester (a minimum of 2.0 credits unless you have an approved accommodation plan due to a disability-related reason).

  • Following the academic schedule as specified in the Undergraduate Calendar or agreed to by the academic department and CECS.

  • *Note: In the Undergraduate Calendar, the degree program followed by :C (a colon and the letter C) denotes co-op; for example, MEF:C is co-op.

To Apply:

  • Consult the External Transfer Students Admission Information and apply to the University of Guelph. Once accepted to the regular program, follow instructions above to determine whether you are eligible for co-op. 

  • Admission is dependent upon academic achievement, space in the program and an approved schedule of studies as outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar, or as approved by the academic department and CECS. 

  • Students must submit a Co-op Admission Request form and an approved Co-op Academic & Work Sequence Agreement, found here.

  • Students applying during or after their second year may not be admitted to co-op. Please email recruit@uoguelph.ca if you have any questions.