What Students Are Saying About Our Online Resources

“The webinars offered by the U of G Experiential Hub have been very useful for me to take some time to work on my career searching skills! Not only have presenters added some tips and tricks to accommodate the COVID-19 circumstances, but they are also very willing to answer any questions that students may have about applying to jobs during the pandemic and in the future. Through these webinars, I have learned a lot about interviewing tips, and resume and cover letter development. I want to highlight that there is a webinar about virtual job interviews. I have never had a virtual interview, but I would feel much more prepared now, and I would guess that this form of interview will be more common in the future. I would suggest these webinars to anyone who is looking to work on their interview skills and how to stand out in the job application process”. – J. Goltz, M.Sc. Epidemiology

“The webinars through the Experiential Learning hub came up quickly in a time of uncertainty, when many people, myself included, were struggling with the fear of not finding a job due to this pandemic. These webinars were developed quickly to help people learn to adapt to this pandemic life. I loved the webinars on Job Searching During Times of Uncertainty. Not only did I gain insight on how to approach this changing world, I also learned how to be noticed more virtually so that I can adapt too.I would love to take a moment to appreciate everyone who contributed to developing these webinars. They brought me hope and eased my anxiety during this pandemic and I'm grateful for everyone who worked so hard to develop them in such a short period of time. Thank you”.M. Wanes, Human Health and Nutrition

“I recently attended many Experiential Learning Webinar sessions on WebEx. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them and would definitely recommend any of them to my friends. I liked the fact that because I attended so many, I got many different career advisors perspectives on all the topics and that was great.

One of the sessions I found extremely helpful was the one entitled, "Is Future Education Right For You?" with Kris. It really opened my eyes to the fact that although I might want a certain job in the future, I may not have to go through any more schooling. Or the fact that even if I do more schooling in a particular field, there might not be jobs in that field. I learned how important it is to consider my future plans/goals and how more schooling will impact me and my future. I'd also like to point out how amazing the "Creating Stand-Out Cover Letters" and "Resume Development" presentations were. I didn't really know how to create a cover letter and I learned so much and took so many notes on the topic. I already had a resume, but the presentation gave me tips on how to improve it. For both of them, I learned how important it is to really look at the job posting and tailor each cover letter and resume to each individual job that I'm applying for. I also learned about the S.T.A.R method for the first time, which is extremely helpful, and I have already added into my resume. I will definitely be using the tips I learned on future cover letters and resumes.

I'd like to thank everyone who created each Webinar and made them such enjoyable and informative experiences”
. V. Kell, Criminal Justice and Public Policy