Public Management Work Term Report Guidelines

Co-op Faculty Advisors

Evie Adomait

MacKinnon (MACK) 728

X 56343 

Student Contact Times

  • No group meeting is held before work terms begin.
  • Students can contact the Co-op Faculty Advisor by telephone, email and in person. Contact should be made in the first month of your work term to discuss possible topics for your work report.

Report Guidelines

  • Written reports are the only format accepted. Other formats will not be considered.
  • Please use the following Work Term Report Guidelines.


  • Students are advised to consult with their employer when selecting a topic. It should be relevant to the students work experience and to Business and/or some aspect of Public Management.
  • A topic can be a project the student is working on for an employer.
  • Confidential work reports are not allowed.


  • The Co-op Work Term Report - Employer Comments Form is required. No grade above satisfactory is given if the employer's evaluation is missing.
  • Any reports that are deemed unsatisfactory would be dealt with individually and can be resubmitted if necessary.