Meghan McClurg

Meet Meghan McClurg:

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About Meghan

Meghan McClurg is a 2nd year Bachelor of Commerce, Management Economics and Finance student at the University of Guelph with a passion for pursuing banking as a career. Meghan is an exceptional woman on our Career Education Peer Helper team at the Experiential Learning Hub where she helps students with their resumes, cover letters and more. She also works with Girl Guides as an Ember Leader, where she helps shape the women of tomorrow through collaborating with others on campus to plan meetings, special outings, and programming for Girl Guides. Meghan talks to us about her leadership roles, her favourite and most challenging parts about leading youth, her hopes for her career, advice for women in her field, and what International Women’s Day means to her.

What kind of work do you do with Girl Guides? 

“I've done all kinds of work with the organization! Currently, I'm an Ember leader on campus, but I've also had the opportunity to work with Sparks and sit on national and provincial committees.”

“As an Ember leader, I'm a leader with other students on campus and together we collaborate to plan our meetings, special outings, and then deliver our programming. We have an amazing team of mentors that support our planning and are always available to answer our questions.”

“I was a member of the Ontario Youth Forum where we shadowed Ontario Council and reviewed programming to ensure everything was the best for youth members in Ontario. I also was a member of the National Programming Committee where I supported the transition to girl-led programming and our new platform. Both of these experiences taught me how to stand up for my own opinion and be a spokesperson for others.”

What do you hope the kids you work with will gain and take into the world outside of Girl Guides?

“My biggest wish is that they cherish these memories and use them going forward as a reminder of the strength they have and how they can achieve anything if they sent their mind to.”

What is your favourite part about working in Girl Guides? What is the most challenging part?

“My favourite part is definitely seeing the youth grow as individuals. Seeing them walk in as shy and unsure of what is going on to seeing them walk out as confident young girls will always be an unmatched feeling to me. On the contrary, the most challenging part is feeling like you are not doing enough. Even though they are 7 and 8 years old and would pretty much be happy with anything, I still sometimes feel as if meetings need to be more prepared or more fun activities planned.”

Tell us about your work as a Peer Helper!

“I started working as a Peer Helper at the Experiential Learning Hub this semester! We meet with students to edit their resumes and cover letters, perform mock interviews, and help with job searching.”

How does your work as a Peer Helper and/or Girl Guides help your career, if at all? 

“Both of these roles have supported my confidence and leadership skills. I've also been able to explore new interests and discover more about myself.”

What would you like to do after University?

“I've thought about a few different career paths, but right now I would like to go into banking. I originally began my university career in a social science program, but I had decided to switch programs when I discovered how much I love investing and budgeting. When I first opened up my investment accounts, it opened my eyes to a whole new field, and I've been interested in it ever since.”

What is your advice to women in your field?

“My advice would be to stand up for yourself. In a male-dominated field, it can be hard to be seen as an equal player, but my experiences have taught me how to be confident in myself, but also my ideas.”

What does International Women's Day mean to you? 

“International Women's Day to me is a reminder of all of the amazing and inspiring women I have been lucky enough to meet, but also a time to check in to see if I'm on the right path to becoming the woman I want to be. I'm always thinking of many memories on this day and reflecting on the experiences that have made me who I am.”