Hire a Gryphon: Home Edition

Hire A Gryphon – Home Edition is an opportunity for staff and faculty of the University of Guelph to hire a student for jobs in their home. 

If you are struggling to stay productive while working full-time from your home, or just need a break, Hire A Gryphon - Home Edition is just what you need! Using your @uoguelph email address **, you can post jobs on the Experience Guelph career job board for help with:

  • childcare
  • school tutoring for children
  • home chores 
  • outdoor work or cleaning

Positions can be for part-time, full-time, or casual work - whatever your current needs are.  

** Faculty or Staff with existing employer accounts on Experience Guelph will need to use a non-uoguelph email address. 

How to Hire a Gryphon

  1. Register for an account - Staff & Faculty request an "employer" account on Experience Guelph, which includes pertinent information our team needs to process your posting. Click here for a guide on how to complete our registration process.

  2. Post a Job - When an account has been approved, simply post a job(s) within the Career job board using a job title of "Hire a Gryphon: Childcare", for example. Click here for a guide on how to post a job.

  3. All jobs will be advertised to University of Guelph students, who will view the jobs and decide if they would like to apply for the position you have posted - all completed within Experience Guelph.

  4. Once your posting closes, our Employment Services Team (within the Experiential Learning Hub) will help set up virtual student interviews for you, and process offers on your behalf. 

Job Postings should include:

  • Description of the work involved (if childcare, please indicate the # and age of the children, along with any preferable training requirements)
  • General location of work (neighbourhood/area)
  • Rate of pay 

Click here to Hire a Gryphon now!

Hire A Gryphon – Home Edition was started to help staff and faculty in their search for childcare and/or tutoring assistance during Covid19. 

If you have any questions, or would like more information on the program, please contact: 

The Employment Team
Experiential Learning Hub

University of Guelph
(519) 824-4120 x52323

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