First Year Review

All co-op students must meet a continuation requirement following the first year of their studies. For most students this process, called First Year Review, is conducted each May (however students with an approved accommodation plan may need further time before this review is completed).

Continuation Requirements

All co-op students must meet the following continuation requirements:

  1. Achieve a minimum 70% cumulative average (70% or higher) after two full-time academic semesters.
  2. Remain full-time in their program of study for their first two academic semesters (unless an approved accommodation plan was put in place prior to First Year Review). Full-time for co-op purposes is 2.0 credits per semester, totaling a minimum of 4.0 credits.


Important Information Regarding the First Year Review Process

First Year Review is conducted the first week of May each year and all decisions will be communicated by the end of day Friday of that week.

Due to the high volume of student reviews that are being conducted, CECS is not able to respond to individual emails regarding your eligibility to continue in co-op 

Please read the information below, which should answer your questions.

1. If you receive a 70% or higher cumulative average, you will pass the first step of First Year Review.  We will then review your status as a full-time student as co-op students are required to complete a minimum of 2.0 credits in each of their first two semesters, unless otherwise approved. If you have studied part-time during your first or second semester, you will be contacted to confirm why this occurred, which may result in being required to withdraw from co-op if not approved.

2. If you have received a 69.9% or lower cumulative average, you have not met the co-op continuation requirements and will be required to withdraw from co-op.  ** Please note that you cannot re-take courses in the Summer semester to count towards your first year cumulative average. Decisions are made directly following your second semester.

3. Once these two process checks have been verified, you will receive an email with notification regarding your eligibility by the end of the first week of May. Students required to withdraw will be provided with information regarding academic appeals. Students eligible to continue will receive further information regarding next steps.

4. Deferred Exam Note: If you have a deferred exam scheduled, please note that First Year Review decisions will be held until the exams have been written.

5. Important: If you believe you will be required to withdraw from Co-op, you cannot appeal your removal to the academic department until you have received official notice from the Co-op Office.  Do not take any action until then.

*We understand that for some students this will be a stressful time, but we encourage you to be patient and wait to receive the decision from Co-operative Education & Career Services before taking further action.