Christina Morabito

Meet Christina Morabito

About Christina:

Christina Morabito is a fifth year BCOMM Co-op student at the University of Guelph. Christina has held work term roles at Wells Fargo and RBC PH&N where she learned about the corporate work environment and the role she’d like to play in it when she graduates. Christina shares with us the impact of co-op on her career path, skill development, and emphasizes her gratitude for her Co-op Coordinator, Ian Wallace, who helped and encouraged her through the entire process. Christina says, “I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given through co-op and all the individuals who have helped me along the way!”.


Can you please tell us about your first interview experience in second year, and how it compares to how you feel about interviews now being in your fifth year?

“For my first interview I was completely terrified! I didn’t have any work experience in a corporate work environment, and I found it challenging to sell my current skill set in an interview. Now, having completed all five of my work terms I feel significantly more comfortable and confident with going into an interview and discussing the experiences that I bring to the table when taking on a new role.”


What was your experience with the Co-op Coordinators and Career Advisors at the Experiential Learning Hub? How did they help you with your job search?

“The co-op coordinators and career advisors were always so helpful when it came to looking for a job. Every time I began a new job search, I would meet with my co-op coordinator or another advisor to help tweak my resume. My co-op coordinator, Ian Wallace was also incredibly helpful when it came to all of my work terms. If I was struggling to find a role or needed advice he was extremely encouraging and would discuss potential opportunities that I should continue to apply for.”


What would you say is your biggest development throughout your work terms and how do you think your co-op experience will help you as you gear up for graduation?

“I have obtained a vast amount of knowledge in different industries over the years through my co-op experiences, but I would say my biggest take away is the confidence I’ve established. Whether it comes to the interview process or presenting ideas to colleagues, I feel so much more confident in what I can offer compared to when I first started co-op.”

“Through co-op I have obtained almost two years of fulltime work experience which I am extremely grateful for. As I near graduation I feel far more prepared when it comes to applying for jobs, drafting cover letters, and preparing for potential interviews.”


What was the most challenging and/or rewarding experience you've had throughout co-op?

“At two of my co-op jobs, my managers allowed me to train colleagues stepping into my previous role as my work terms came to an end. Going into a new job was always really nerve-wracking for me, so being given the opportunity to train others was highly rewarding.”


Did your co-op experiences help you navigate your preferred career path?

“My co-op experience definitely allowed me to establish an understanding of what I would like to do once I graduate. I really enjoyed working for both RBC and Wells Fargo and will definitely be looking for a career in banking once I graduate.