Why Can’t I Make a Decision?

  I’m afraid of making the wrong choice.

It’s important to realize your decision does not have to be permanent. You can change your mind at any time. In reality, most people change careers 7-10 times in their lifetime. It is important to learn and grow from every experience.

  I’m afraid of taking a risk.

Taking a risk allows us to step out of our comfort zone and grow. When contemplating taking a risk, it is important to look at the big picture and decide how much risk you will be willing to take.


  • Everyone fails at some point. It is important to reflect on what your failure has taught you. If you think you might fail, how likely would that scenario be? What is the worst thing that will happen if you fail? How can you prevent it from happening?


  • Being successful is wonderful but it can also be scary. What if you succeed? What will happen if you can do it? How will you handle the stress success can bring?

  I’m getting pressure from my family and friends.

Ultimately, this is your life. If you already know you will not be happy and/or will be unable to meet the expectations of your parents, it is up to you to discuss alternative options with them. If you do not speak up, no one else will. Make sure you prepare beforehand. When presenting new ideas, present the idea in a positive way by emphasizing the benefits of your choice.

  I have no choices. I have no idea what I would truly like to do.

Everyone has interests and values. Everyone has had past experiences where they have felt invincible. These experiences can come through education, work, volunteering or extra-curricular activities. 

   I have too many choices.

This is a great scenario to have. If you have already done your research into your desired occupations and know they are all strong, it might be time to listen to your gut. What occupation excites you the most? What would offer you the best chance to grow?