Welcome Message - Government of Canada - 2022 Virtual Networking Event


Welcome, Gryphons! The 2022 Virtual Networking Event is an opportunity for students to network with federal public servants and learn about different government departments and agencies. We are hoping that this event highlights the variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities in the federal public service.  

The Government of Canada (GOC) is the largest employer in the country, which makes the federal public sector uniquely diverse in its operations and in the range of talent it recruits. According to Forbes, the GOC consistently ranks among the top employers in the country for overall employee satisfaction. Many GOC departments and agencies are also recognized by the Globe and Mail in Canada’s Top 100 Employers for providing the best workplaces for early career professionals, for their focus on mental health, social impact and work-life balance, and as Canada’s best diversity employers who build respectful, inclusive workplaces.

Why should you consider a career in the public service? Above all else, it’s because the work of public servants really matters to Canadians. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of ocean science to save marine habitats, protecting borders to support public safety and healthy trade, developing social and health services to advance equality, safeguarding Canada’s food supply and animal and plant health, or enhancing Canada’s economy and trade relations – public servants have a wide variety of roles that benefit the daily lives of Canadians.

The GOC is looking for new talent and ideas that reflect Canada’s diversity. Much like the multicultural fabric that makes up Canadian societies, representation of differing views, perspectives and lived experiences enhance the solutions that address current and emerging challenges.

The GOC needs people who can promote innovation, collaboration, openness, and transformation in the workplace. This includes those with leadership capabilities, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Departments and agencies across the GOC are fostering a work environment that attracts, retains, and utilizes talent. The GOC provides opportunities for students to gain experience and develop work skills through meaningful assignments and supports effective student onboarding so you get the most out of your experience.

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