Toxicology Work Term Report Guidelines

Co-op Faculty Advisor

Dr. Richard Manderville

Science Complex (SCIE) 3243/3241

X 53963 

Student Contact

  • Meetings prior to first work term are not necessary
  • Contact through email is easiest, however the Co-op Faculty Advisor also encourages face-to-face contact


  • A written report is the only accepted format
  • The Co-op Faculty Advisor will provide students with a handout specifying the Work Term Report guidelines.
  • Students are encouraged to produce a report that is useful to their employer.


  • The topic for the written report must be work related, and clarified with the Co-op Faculty Advisor prior to starting.
  • The report may be a project that the student is working on for the employer.
  • Confidential work reports are not allowed.


  • The Co-op Work Term Report - Employer Comments Form is usually reviewed by the Co-op Faculty Advisor after the report has been graded. 
  • The comments written by the employer will not influence the grade of the report.
  • Reports are evaluated by the Co-op Faculty Advisor according to the guidelines provided by the Co-op Office: Click here to view the Marking Scheme for the Report. 

  • Students should pick up their report to receive feedback.