Theatre Studies

NB: These pages are meant to be examples only and not exhaustive lists of what you can do with your degree in this discipline. 

What can I do with my degree in Theatre Studies? 

NB: Jobs within this section may require professional designations (ie. MA, MFA, PhD, etc.)

What Can I Do With Further Education in Theatre Studies?

Industries that Hire Theatre Studies Graduate

  • Arts Councils
  • Community Organizations
  • Cruise Lines 
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Film/Production Companies
  • Performing Arts Organizations
  • Radio/Television
  • Universities/colleges

Companies that Have Posted on Recruit Guelph For This Major

  • City of Mississauga
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Great Big Theatre Company
  • Grey House Publishing Canada
  • Hillside Festival
  • Royal Botanical Gardens

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