Sydney Bezuyen

Meet Sydney Bezuyen:

About Sydney

Sydney Bezuyen is a 4th year University of Guelph Co-op student, working on completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in Family and Child Studies. Sydney has worked several exciting co-op work terms throughout her degree, specific to her field and interests. Sydney shares with us her experiences and favourite memories in her work terms at St. Joseph's Health Centre, Toward Common Ground, and Endless PossABILITIES. She also shares her advice for COOP*1100 students, and the best co-op advice she has ever received.

What co-op work terms have you worked so far? What were your roles?

“I’ve worked 3 work terms! I was a Junior Programmer with the St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph Community Support Services Adult Day Programs, Community Planner with Toward Common Ground and an Instructor Therapist at Endless PossABILITIES!

What work term are you in right now? What are you doing?

I am currently in my third and final work term! I am an Instructor Therapist at Endless PossABILITIES. I facilitate ABA therapy with children on the autism spectrum.

What are you learning/have you learned in your current co-op? 

I have been learning how to use various behavior change strategies, how to implement my classroom knowledge in the workplace, and how to communicate effectively with supervisors as I work independently with children and need to communicate progress for their reports.

What has been your favourite part about co-op so far? 

My favourite part of co-op has been the opportunity to explore my field and work with a variety of people. Co-op has really given me the opportunity to discover what I love about the field of Psychology and where I hope to use my skills and knowledge in the future!

Do you have a favourite memory?

My favourite memory of co-op is the day I got my first co-op job at St. Joe’s! I was really hoping to work there because the role was everything I wanted! I got my offer as I was picking up coffee in the library and dropped my phone and gasped because I was so surprised! Best celebratory coffee ever!

What's your advice to anyone entering COOP*1100?

My advice to anyone entering COOP*1100 is to use all the information that is given to you as you continue to update your resume and complete interviews! The information in the course is extremely helpful when looking for ways to stick out among applicants!

What's the best piece of co-op or career advice you've received? 

The best piece of co-op advice I have received is to have an open mind. Look for the creative ways to use your knowledge and skills in a variety of jobs and don’t be afraid to network! Even if your networking does not end in a job, the employer will most likely remember your name in the future!