Personality, Interests & Values


You probably already know a lot about your personality and how it relates to a variety of situations ie., whether you are social, more reserved, or if you are more critical of or lenient with others. If you are a sociable person that likes to be around others, a position as an Archivist working the night shift may not be the best fit.

Self reflection is important in understanding your personality and how it relates to the world of work.


Interests are very important pieces of information needed for your career choice. Interests are the things you enjoy, but you may or may not be skilled at something you are interested in.Reflecting on your interests is key to knowing your preferences for work and those things you wouldn't enjoy.


Values are the things that you feel are important in your everyday life; including your work-life. They guide your decisions and actions in the world of work and can assist in determining your career path.

Taking your values into account when choosing a career can determine whether you will be satisfied with that part of your life. Holding values that are inconsistent with the company values can be a major source of frustration, conflict and non-productivity.

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Free On-line Career Assessment Resources

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At Career Cruising, we’re on a mission to engage and inspire people of all ages to achieve their full potential in school, career and life. We do this by creating innovative self-exploration and planning software to engage people in the process of building their future. In short, we inspire and inform dreams.


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Typefocus is a well researched instrument that helps you explore your personality type and better understand how it relates to your career choice.


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The Challenge mindset flips the traditional approach and frees you to find a career path based on real-world challenges, not job titles.

Fee for Service Assessments

Logo for Strong Interest Inventory The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is a great resource to help you clarify your interests.
Logo for Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one way of determining your personality type and relates it back to career options.


Both the SII and the MBTI are available to University of Guelph students and recent graduates for a fee of $30. Attend an appointment with a Career Advisor to determine if these tools can assist you. Alumni that have graduated more than a year ago can access these tools for a fee of $100 per assessment and should contact our office to book an appointment at (519) 824-4120 x 52323 or by emailing