Co-operative Education & Career Services

It is the responsibility of CECS to:

  • Comply with all relevant federal and provincial legislation. Refer to Employment Standards Legislation of Canada.
  • Provide equitable services to all students and employers.
  • Where CECS has a concern about an employer and/or their recruitment practices, CECS will use discretion to approve job postings on the website.
  • CECS will not grant posting or recruitment session privileges to pyramid-type or multi-level marketing organizations or other organizations which charge a fee (ie. certification, licensing fee, equipment purchase, initial investment in company, etc.) to students or applicants.


  • CECS will accommodate employers' reasonable requests for job posting, recruitment sessions and interview space.

Employment Preparation:

  • Provide information, resources and advice to students on career planning and job search.
  • Inform students of ethical recruitment practices, procedures and responsibilities.