The W's of Applying

The decision to further your education should not be made lightly. It can be costly, time consuming and unmotivating if you haven’t chosen the right program for you.  Ask yourself, and find the answer to the following questions: 


Why Are You Applying?

This is the biggest question that you should ask yourself. Examine your professional and personal stake in pursuing further education. Take the time to research career options in your field of interest and determine if applying to further education is actually going to assist you in meeting your career goals.

What Would You Like to Study?

Look critically at the courses offered in the program and opportunities for experiential learning/internships. If you have questions about admission criteria or program requirements, go to the source and contact the institution you are interested in.

Where Are These Programs Offered? 

Many professional school programs located in Ontario are very competitive. Due to this, the actual average of acceptance may be higher than the published minimum for consideration. However, if you hope to study outside of Ontario there are considerations that should be taken into account:

  • Fully research what the requirements are to practice in your field if you plan to return to Ontario

  • Some programs only hold a few spots for students that are applying from out of province and therefore, may make the program very competitive for out of province candidates.

  • Further education can be costly, especially if you plan to study abroad. 

When Should You Apply?

Start thinking about what’s involved early in your undergraduate degree (at least a year before you would like to apply). This will ensure that you don’t miss any specific prerequisites and that you have time to determine your options.

Many programs work on a “rolling admission” and therefore, it is to your advantage to apply early. A rolling admission refers to schools that will accept applications as soon as the application is available and will offer acceptances to the first individuals that meet their criteria.