Meet Employers



Networking is connecting with others. These connections can be on a professional, personal or social. The old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” may be (partially) true when it comes to networking, as you never know which of the many connection you have will turn out to be the person that leads you to your next opportunity.

Why Should I Network? 

Information you might get through networking includes:

  • Name of a new contact
  • Names of employers that are currently hiring
  • Insight into the profession
  • Information about career experiences

How Do I Network?

  • Talk to people you already know (also known as 'warm contacts')
  • Attend a Career Fair or Job Fair
  • Join an industry association and attend conferences
  • Attend Employer Information Sessionsand Career/Industry Nights
  • Set-up Informational Interviews

Networking Events – Structured networking events such as information sessions, career fairs, breakfasts, career/industry nights and employer panels happen throughout the year on campus. For a complete list of current events the Experiential Learning Hub is hosting or promoting, please login to your account, and view the event calendar. 

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