Spence Goodwin

Meet Spence Goodwin

About Spence: 

Spence is a fourth year Marketing Management Co-op student, on his fifth work term. He is working as a Leasing Intern at First Capital REIT, based out of Toronto. In his role, Spence coordinates and assists Leasing Managers, in leasing First Capital shopping centres through tenant prospecting, deal entry, and rent analysis.


Have there been any changes to your current job because of COVID-19? If so, what changes?

"Starting in mid-March, my bedroom quickly became my office as the company implemented a work-from-home policy. Many of my responsibilities recently have pertained to helping with the company's COVID-19 response program as we look to help tenants during difficult times."


What are some strategies you've used to adapt to these changes?

"Using Microsoft Teams chat and calling functions has been key to keeping up with the team and getting new tasks assigned. While it is slightly more difficult than face-to-face communication, it has proven to be an effective plan B."


What have you learned while working in this time?

"I have learned that companies and people are able to adapt well to changing conditions in order to keep business thriving and operational. I have also learned that COVID-19 showed flaws in many business structures and because of that, companies are now taking new and innovative approaches to improve operations."


What has been the biggest challenge you've faced while working during COVID-19?

"The feeling of being tied to the computer has been a challenge. With no trips to and from the office, or check-in and check-out times, it can be very easy to want to keep checking for emails well after the workday is done. I feel it's important right now to step away from the computer and take personal time when necessary."


What are some projects you are currently working on within your position?

"At the moment I am helping the leasing team with coordinating the future of our leasing portfolio for certain properties."


How do you think the experience of working during COVID-19 will benefit or impact you in your future co-op terms/career?

"Working in commercial real estate, I feel I saw how severe the impact of COVID-19 was on businesses before most. I think what I have learned most from all of this is how a company can adapt and put stakeholders first during times of economic and global crisis while still maintaining operations, and helping the communities they operate in."