Research Careers

  • Attend events and seminars that Professional Organizations and Associations offer. This is a great way to meet with professionals and gather first hand information. Consider joining Associations, as many have reasonable student membership rates. 

  • Search industry websites and read industry specific magazines/journals to better understand the profession and the labour market. 

  • Working in Canada/Labour Market Information is an excellent resource to research prospective careers. It has information related to essential skills, wage rates, labour market trends, future outlook and related careers. 

  • Ontario Job Futures provides information on the current trends and future outlook for about 200 occupations common to Ontario.

  • Take an inside look at jobs and companies through Search jobs from over 20,000 job sites, newspapers and company career pages.

While conducting your research you may find that you need further education to get the career you want. Go to the Further Education section for tips and additional resources.