Rebecca Daggett

Meet Rebecca Daggett:

About Rebecca

Rebecca Daggett graduated from the University of Guelph in 2020 with a MA, Art History & Visual Culture. While at U of G, she participated in experiential learning through coursework, work study, and held several Teacher Assistant (TA) positions. Rebecca’s work study positions helped her gain experience in her industry and further contributed to her current role as Curatorial & Collections Assistant at the Art Gallery of Guelph. Rebecca shares her Experiential Learning journey at U of G, insights on work study, what she’s up to now, and advice for current students.

What type of experiential learning did you take part in while you were at U of G?

“I spent several years in work study programs and received 3 TAships during my Masters. I was also lucky enough to enroll in the University Collaborative Experiential Exhibition (UCEE) course, where I designed an exhibit using objects from MacLaughlin Library's Special Collections for semi-permanent display in Alexander Hall.”

What was your favourite part about work study?

“I really enjoyed seeing a side of campus that I wouldn't have experienced if I only stuck to classes. More than that, it was great practice for managing work/life balance. Although there were times (especially around exam season) when I felt overwhelmed, my employers always understood that my studies where my priority.”

Did your U of G experiential learning help you get to where you are now? 

“Absolutely! I couldn't imagine where I would be if I hadn't taken advantage of work study opportunities. These positions are so much more than a line on your CV -- they really grew my professional network and forced me to get out of my student-bubble. Moreover, I wouldn't have the same level of job security that I enjoy now if I didn't build up my professional skillset throughout my academic career.”

What are you currently up to? 

“Right now, I work full-time at the Art Gallery of Guelph as the Curatorial & Collections Assistant. Outside of my 9 to 5 I'm a wannabe javascript wizard and watercolour painter. I spend my weekends watching birds with my cats.”

What's your advice to any current U of G students? 

“Be open to new experiences! Work study is a great way to see what you may or may not like about a job. If you're unsure about your post-school plans, or career goals in general, then use work study programs to fill in those gaps. And in the future, avoiding things in your professional life that make you unhappy will make a huge difference on your work/life balance overall. Self-care is so important!”