Online Learning: At Home Routine

Online Learning: At Home Routine


The shift to online learning has been an interesting one. Add in the current global climate, trying to remember to bring a mask with me wherever I go, social distancing, on top of online learning, it certainly has been a hectic time. The shift to online learning is loved by some and difficult for others. That is why I wanted to share the four things that I do every day to optimize my online learning.

  1. Get up at a consistent time: This helps you start out your day strong and get into a routine, just like if we were in person. I am a morning person so I love getting up early. Even if you are not a morning person, it is important to get up as if you were going to campus for the day. By waking up at a consistent time, I am better able to get into a routine that works for me.

  2. Schedule my days as if I were on campus: I schedule out my days as if I were still on campus. I schedule in time to study, time for work, and class times. I also schedule my meals to make sure that I am taking the time to eat nutritious meals. This helps me stay on top of all my tasks, make sure I am taking enough breaks, and creates some sense of normalcy for me.

  3. Take breaks from the screen: When I am scheduling my day, I also schedule breaks that I can take away from the screen. Since we are spending more hours than usual staring at a computer screen, I like to take my breaks away from my desk. Usually, I will get up and leave my desk. Some great break ideas are: going for a walk, reading a book, resting your eyes or taking a nap, and chatting with family members/roommates.

  4. Check-in with my family and friends: In this time where we are isolated more than before, I make sure that I still make time to check in with my friends and family. This can be a quick text or a phone call. I try to check in with them at least once a week, if not more.

I hope that these four tips help with your online learning! Remember that we are all in this together and learning as we go.