Brittney McManus - Recipient of the 21st Annual Supervisor’s Award of Merit

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2020

Congratulations to Brittney McManus who has been named the winner of the 21st Annual Peer Helper Supervisor’s Award of Merit. 

Brittney was nominated for this award by her entire Career Services Peer Helper Team for her dedication to supporting student learning, Brittney is one of the most organized and approachable individuals we have ever met and constantly fosters an environment where the peers are able to do our absolute best. No matter her workload, she ensures that she is there for each and every peer.

Over the past year, Brittney developed the “Experiential Learning Street Team”, played a key role in launching the new College of Biological Sciences Career Services Peer Helper Team, developed new ways of collaborating with campus partners, all while leading and inspiring her Peer Helper team.

Brittney’s supervisor Daniel Poulin commented on the tremendous impact that Brittney has on her team, “It is remarkable how she has created such a cohesive team despite it being over 25 individual students that change considerably each semester as they come and go from co-op work terms. She has done this by instilling a welcoming, encouraging and empowering atmosphere throughout the Peer Helper trainings, team meetings and workspace”.

About the Award

The Peer Helper Supervisor’s Award of Merit was created in 1998 to celebrate the significant contributions made by a Peer Helper Supervisor. It is presented annually to a supervisor who consistently advances the philosophy and mission of the Peer Helper Program by fostering an environment which encourages Peer Helpers to do their best; to optimize opportunities for learning; to experiment and take risks; to feel a part of the larger Peer Helper team; and to strive to make  a difference in the lives of others.

Congratulations Brittney!