ICON: Get the skills you need, and the experience you deserve

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2018

This fall, register for a unique upper year course that prepares you for the workplace! This course welcomes students across all majors and groups to work together to solve real-world challenges while receiving valuable experience. 

About ICON:

ICON harnesses the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing in a problem-solving and project-based learning environment. Through workshops, team building activities, and fostering of knowledge translation and transfer, ICON aims to teach students valuable interpersonal, team, and communication skills, while fostering innovative ideas for today’s most pressing challenges. ICON partners students and faculty at the University of Guelph, with a community group or business. The partnership introduces students to broad real-world challenges (e.g. food insecurity, green design, etc.), and provides students with access to expertise from across campus and from the community.

This course will teach you what employers are looking for including:

  • Problem solving/ critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Communication inside & outside an organization

ICON is a co-op - like experience but on campus, with course credits towards your major!

Registration information:

  1. Check www.ideacon.ca for eligible courses - Don't see one that works for you? Email sjacob04@uoguelph.ca and we'll work with you to find one or you can take UNIV*4200 (F) or UNIV*4210 (W) 

  2. Register for the independent study course on webadvisor (as early as June 18th) and with the help of the course coordinator 

  3. Register for ICON through the www.ideacon.ca  website