Neha Jindal

Meet Neha Jindal:

About Neha

Neha Jindal recently graduated in April 2021 from Management Economics and Finance Co-op. She worked co-ops at the Computing and Communication Services (CCS) of University of Guelph, U of G OpenEd, and Toronto Transit Commission where she gained skills that helped shape her career interests and direction. She credits a lot of her success to her Co-op Coordinator, Ian Wallace who provided guidance and support throughout her co-op journey. Neha shares more about her roles, the role her Co-op Coordinator played in her U of G co-op experience, advice for current co-op students, and more about life after U of G.

Tell us about your co-op work terms at U of G. What did you do?  

“My first two co-op work terms were at the Computing and Communication Services of U of G as a Student Consultant. My next co-op was as an Activities and Programs Assistant for English Language Program students. Finally, my last two co-op terms were at Toronto Transit Commission as a Budgets and Reporting Assistant Analyst.”

Did these co-op work terms help you gain the skills you needed for your current role? 

“The vast variety of skills I gained helped me shape my career to my full potential. I wanted to try different roles and experiences so that I can understand what I really want to do after I graduate. Taking on these different coop positions helped me understand my interests and build skills that I wouldn’t have otherwise built if I was working only in my field.”

What role did your Co-op Coordinator play in your career success to date?

“My Co-op Coordinator, Ian Wallace was my mentor. He guided me through every step of the way and I am so, so thankful to him for understanding my goals of this co-op program and guiding me the best possible way he could. He supported me throughout the process from applying to jobs to acing interviews. I am grateful to him for all the efforts he put in to make sure I land the role I wanted.”

What is the best advice you have ever received from your Co-op Coordinator?

“I visited Ian an hour before my interview once, and he was trying to calm me down. He then said, the interviewer is going to ask you about yourself and nobody else knows the answers to those questions better than you yourself. So don't be nervous and enjoy the conversations you hold with interviewers.”

What's your advice to anyone on a co-op search or in a co-op work term?

“Follow your interests!! Do not apply for positions you know you won't be able to learn anything new from. And once you start your co-op term, set some goals for yourself, stating what do you want out of this term.”

What are you up to now? What is your role at TTC?

“I am working as a Budgets and Reporting Analyst at the Project Management Office under the Engineering Construction and Expansion Department of TTC.”

Are you working on any exciting projects in this role that you are able to share with us?

“Unfortunately, I can't share much. But I do love what I am doing. It's a really interesting company as we are managing the public transportation of the whole city. Thus, it is very interesting to see the different stages a project goes through to start construction in Toronto.”

What's your favorite U of G memory?

“There are so many. Starting with international orientation in first year, where I was able to meet so many people from such different parts of the world, and the best part is I am still friends with most of them. Then, traveling to Mississippi through Project Serve Reading Week in my second year. I was a Residence Assistant (RA) RA in my third year, and had the best set of students I could ask for. It was such a great experience to be their RA when I had never lived in residence myself. Finally, in my fourth year, I was a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) for a first-year management class. That experience in itself was so rewarding, I learned so much out of that role, and working under Professor Rodenburg was in itself an honor.”

What's the best thing about being a Gryphon Alumni?

“I am so glad about my choice of University. I had such a wholesome experience at U of G, I am so proud of being a Gryphon Alumni.”