Marine and Freshwater Biology

Co-op Faculty Advisor

 Dr. Elizabeth Boulding
Summerlee Science Complex (SC1) 1464
(519) 824-4120 x54961

Student Contact Times

Meetings prior to your first work term are not required, however students are required to connect with the Co-op Faculty Advisor by the 4th week of their work term to confirm the focus of their work term report.

Report Guidelines

Click here for a chart that describes the work term report sequences for the various MFB COOP semesters.

Work term report guidelines and supplemental information can be found on the Marine and Freshwater Biology resource site on CourseLink. Marine and Freshwater Biology majors are encouraged to review this site and the information found within it at the beginning of each work term. On this site, students will find the work term report guidelines as well as additional resource to support the completion of the work term report. Grading rubrics are also provided on the site. Note: A co-op work term report is required for each 4-month term. 

*If you are a MFB:C student, and you are not enrolled in the MFB:C CourseLink resource website and therefore can't see the link to it on the Resources tab of their CourseLink dashboard, contact the MFB:C Faculty Advisor.