International Student Co-op Success Stories

A third-year International student studying Psychology offered the following comments about her time in co-op and at the University of Guelph:

Her first work term was the first time she had worked in a paid position, and found the experience to be instrumental in terms of learning about professionalism and workplace expectations. “It was my first actual work experience, so it was good in terms of learning how to navigate the workplace and be professional,” she shares. She has also been an Orientation volunteer, participated in Project Serve Mississippi 2018 and is currently preparing to participate in Project Serve Vancouver 2019, both of which are experiential learning trips run by Student Experience.

She is currently on a study term and works part-time as a student staff for the Child Care & Learning Centre (CCLC). Her previous co-op experience at the CCLC led her to getting a part-time job there, as she had developed a good relationship with her employer. In her current role at CCLC, she works closely with children, facilitating activities and supporting the full-time staff members. Her work has allowed her to develop important employability skills such as conflict resolution and time management when working with children. She has also found herself to be more responsible in the workplace and better at adapting to change. She finds her role helps her form a deeper connection to the campus community and creates a greater sense of belonging for her as an international student. Furthermore, her work allows her to put her classroom learning in context as she is able to work with children in the different stages of development she learns about.