International Co-op Work Term Testimonials


"As a Management Intern, I had the opportunity to spend a year long co-op in Cleveland, Ohio working at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center. The initial transition was challenging living in a new environment and starting as a rooms intern with no previous experience. With time I adapted to the new environment and learned to embrace the challenges I faced. Through my work in hospitality, I was able to interact with many people from all over the world. I always enjoyed meeting fellow Canadians at the front desk and for a moment feel slightly closer to home. I enjoyed sharing my story with others and fooling guests into thinking I was local to Cleveland. In time, I fell in love with Cleveland and all the city has to offer. Before working in Cleveland, all I knew about to city was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a few of their sports team. From living in the city, I discovered all the great restaurants, the numerous museums, and the second largest Broadway stage outside of New York City. My favourite landmark of all was a grocery store in an old bank building. Cleveland has become a part of me and will always be my second home. My experience in Cleveland helped me grow as a person and has strengthened my knowledge in the hospitality industry". - Kate Sheppard - Cleveland, Ohio 


"Working in Cleveland was an amazing experience.  My year there went by so fast it’s hard to believe it’s over.  Working in the U.S. really opened my eyes to how vast my field was.  As a hospitality student, I was able to work at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown which is a 400 room hotel.  I was given great responsibility and at one point helped managed 2 restaurants and a small store.  I got to learn about Marriott outside of Canada and how far their reach is.  I now am aware of so many more opportunities I have after graduation. Aside from professional experience I was able to immerse myself in American culture. Though it may not seem different from Canada the two cultures are very different.  Personally, I was able to spent time at The Ohio State University which is the 3rd largest university in the country, attend college and professional football games, as well as baseball, basketball and hockey games.  I took part in 4th of July celebrations and American Thanksgiving festivities.  I also became very independent living in a totally different country from my family.  I learned how to solve problems on my own and learned what it takes to live on my own. I have truly had a once in a lifetime experience in Cleveland and would highly recommend an international co-op experience.  There is so much I’ve been able to take in I can’t even put it into words.  It is truly something everyone should do once". - William Boutler - Cleveland, Ohio 


"My international co-op placement broadened my horizons beyond the typical placement. This winter, I had the opportunity to work in Spain, teaching English as a secondary language to school children between the ages 8 to 15. Not only did it give me the chance to test out the waters of classroom teaching, but it presented an opportunity to dive right into a new experience surrounded by new people and a new culture. My placement presented more challenges than the average job: with visa requirements, travel logistics, language barriers, and all of the other difficulties that come along with moving alone to a foreign country. However, it also left me feeling more accomplished and proud of myself than any other work placement I have had. Working abroad helped me develop admirable problem solving skills, resiliency, independence and confidence, both within my workplace, as well as outside in the larger world. In addition to these benefits, I was able to meet so many incredible people from around the world, make connections, as well as further travel plans throughout Europe for the remainder of the summer where I plan to backpack. An international co-op experience is something I would recommend to everyone and anyone looking for a challenging and valuable experience". - Jacqueline Hallboom - Valencia, Spain