Hispanic Studies

NB: These pages are meant to be examples only and not exhaustive lists of what you can do with your degree in this discipline.

What Can I Do With an Undergraduate Degree in Hispanic Studies?

•    Activist
•    Communications
•    Community Economic Development Officer
•    Economic Development Officer
•    Interpreter
•    International Aide and Development Project Analyst
•    International Relations Specialist
•    Lobbyist
•    Social Policy Researcher

What Can I Do With Further Education?

•    Bilingual Tax Assessor
•    Immigration Officer
•    International Trade Policy Manager
•    Journalist
•    Librarian
•    Medical Interpreter
•    Policy Consultant
•    Professor

Industries That Hire Hispanic Studies Graduates

•    Business Firms
•    Colleges/Universities
•    Consulting Firms
•    Government
•    Health Organizations
•    Hospitality
•    International Development
•    Tourism   

Companies that have posted on Recruit Guelph for this degree

•    Bilingual Outbound Research Assistant , Strategic Research Associates
•    Bilingual Service Provider Administrator, Homewood Health Centre
•    Family Housing and Community Life Facilitator, University of Guelph
•    International Programs Coordinator, Free the Children
•    Program Director, S-Trip!

Career Related Websites

•    Experience Guelph
•    Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario
•    Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics
•    Hispanic Business
•    International Federation of  Translators
•    Ontario Modern Language Teachers Association