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Summer Co-op Bucket List

Friday April 20th - Tara Lalani, RBC Ambassador

As the Summer co-op term commences, there are also several amazing opportunities that awaits us. Although a new job experience can be extremely nerve-wracking, it is important to remember to make the most out of your work term. I completed my first work term at RBC, where I was taught to treat every day like a new learning opportunity. Through my experience with RBC, I learned the importance of networking, asking questions and getting feedback, and always saying YES.

Prior to my co-op term with RBC, I had never heard of the term “coffee chats”. Once my term commenced, I heard the word being discussed everywhere. Four months later and I am a coffee chat’s biggest fan! A coffee chat is when you sit down for coffee with another employee, whether it be another co-op student, your manager, or someone on the opposite side of the organization. These short meetings are a great way to learn more about your coworkers, gain advice, and listen to other’s experiences. I had the opportunity to have a coffee chat with each of my team members, as well as several individuals in different parts of the organization. This really helped me figure out what I wanted to pursue and how to do it! Highly recommend!!

Another key lesson that I learned through my experience with RBC, is to always say yes to new experiences and opportunities. There were times that I was skeptical in doing this because I didn’t have the right qualifications and experiences to complete certain tasks successfully. However, they were great learning opportunities that helped me develop new skills. It also allowed me to see the tasks that weren’t as great of a fit for me. Ultimately, co-op is a learning experience and you won’t learn new things if you say no; so make sure to say YES to new things this summer!

It is important to ask questions when you are unsure in order to optimize this learning experience. Whether the question is in regard to one of your tasks or about something unrelated within the organization, don’t be afraid to ask! Also, feedback is your best friend. In order to grow, make sure to get feedback from your manager and other coworkers to learn how to become the best you that you can be!

I hope I helped you add a couple key things to your co-op bucket list for the summer. If you will be working at RBC or you have an interest in working for RBC, feel free to contact me at! Thanks for reading!

-Tara Lalani, Marketing Management, Co-op Student

3 Things you Learn as a Co-op Student at the Co-op Office

Monday March 12th - Rachael

There is a lot of irony in working as a co-op student at the Co-operative Education & Career Services office, but there are a lot of resources that I never knew existed. The best part is; you do NOT have to be in a co-op program to use these resources - they are for everyone!

1. Resume & Cover Letter Critiques Offered DAILY

Qualified peer helpers meet with students on a daily basis to support them in the job search process. Peer helpers are student volunteers that provide resources such as resume and cover letter critiques, as well as pre-booked mock interviews in order to help their peers prepare for upcoming employment opportunities. The peer helpers are stocked up with several great resources such as mock resumes targeted towards different programs and a list of adjectives to help describe different tasks you may have completed in your previous employment history.

If you haven’t stopped by to see a peer helper yet- they are located in the Co-operative Education and Career Services building. You can also click here to view the drop-in schedule for the winter 2018 semester. For special events such as the Recruit Guelph Job Fair or the P4E Job Fair, peer helpers are out beforehand providing on the spot resume critiques for students in popular areas around campus such as the University Centre and Science Complex.

2. Employer sessions and workshops offered on campus

If you are looking for employment or are interested in attending workshops to enhance your skill set, check out the Recruit Guelph calendar to see what is going on around the university. This is a great resource when trying to develop connections during the job search process as employers are on campus several times a month and are interested in meeting University of Guelph students!

In addition, several workshops such as networking, speed interviews and LinkedIn sessions are offered frequently throughout the semester, designed to prepare students for upcoming interviews and networking events that are taking place. Workshops and events are great resources to use in conjunction with each other as the workshops often help you prepare for the events- which makes your session more effective and beneficial for both you and the employer!

Check out the Recruit Guelph calendar for upcoming events and workshops.

3. Online Job Search Resources  

Can’t make it in to meet with a peer helper? Don’t worry- there are lots of online resources designed to help students through the job search process. Learn about action planning, building your resume, writing cover letters, portfolios/ e-portfolios, interview basics, referencing, social presence and marketing your academic experiences. These online resources emphasize the importance of your social presence in today’s job search market, offering tips and tricks on how to stand out online. Social platforms are not only used to enhance your resume but are also being used as part of the screening process. This emphasizes the importance of having an online professional profile.

To access online resources, click here.

As a current University of Guelph student, knowing where to access these resources has been super helpful in my current career development. I have had the opportunity to attend several information sessions through my placement and have learned a lot about the opportunities different companies have to offer.

I recommend that all students take advantage of these resources while they have them easily accessible on campus!

For more information, visit

-Rachael Piccoli Kuschke, Marketing Management, Co-op Student