Ways to get involved during COVID

Getting great hands-on experiences to develop various transferable skills and knowledge for your resume is typically a priority for most students. Yet, with the global pandemic causing many changes, it may seem impossible to be able to get involved. Although, there are still many ways you can get the experiences you want, regardless of the current situation. Here are just a few ways to get involved on-campus and off-campus during COVID!



  • Attending clubs and events pre-COVID was a way to build connection and network. These opportunities let you gain knowledge and enjoy yourself at the same time. However without the yearly Club Days that take place in the UC every September, it might be challenging to get exposed to the different kinds of committees, events, clubs that are being held on campus. However, there are always resources you can find on the internet that can provide you with information on the clubs, events etc. that are taking place on campus (virtually). Log in to Gryphlife to get a vast list of events held from all registered clubs at University of Guelph. Follow their respective social media accounts to get further details on how to get involved with their clubs!


  • You may think that volunteering is something of the past, but think again. There are still many great opportunities looking for individuals to help out. One way to find these are by signing up to the Student Volunteer Connections courselink page. This page includes many on-campus volunteer positions that you can navigate through based on your interests. In addition, it’s always a great idea to reach out to various professors or TAs that are working on research that fascinates you. Make sure that you put time in to determining the specifics of their studies to be able to show your true interest and passion when talking to them. This will greatly increase your chance of impressing these individuals and getting offered a position!

Work Study

  • Although the majority of the campus is closed for the safety of students, staff and faculty members, there are many opportunities to get yourself involved and gain experience through the work study program. Once you qualify and are eligible for applying to a Work Study position, visit Experience Guelph to find positions that you are interested in and follow the application procedure. There are many opportunities and areas of work study you can get involved in to gain experience and knowledge while studying such as in labs, virtual desk positions, Library Services and so many more!



  • Once again, you can sign up to the Student Volunteer Connections courselink page to also navigate through all the amazing opportunities offered off-campus. Most of these positions are located in Guelph, but some are located in various cities as well. Another way to get involved around your neighbourhood is to reach out to organizations in your area with your interest to volunteer. They may not all be offering these opportunities, but don’t get discouraged because so many others are!


  • Similar to before the pandemic, it’s important to make connections on platforms like LinkedIn to increase your network and chances of getting offered a position. In addition, job searching applications like Indeed are also great to find specific positions within your field. Although the pandemic has affected some fields more than others, it's important to continue to check back to ensure you don't miss an opportunity because there are more than you think out there!


We hope these suggestions help you find the best opportunities for you to gain that valuable experience you’re looking for! Good luck!