Finding People To Interview

Start with the people you know... then explore discussions with people you don't, using some of the following resources: 

  • Professional Associations

  • Company Websites

  • Google

  • LinkedIn

  • Company Directories

  • Chamber of Commerce Websites

  • Sector Council Listings

The Mclaughlin Library purchases many online resources that can help you find employers in your field of interest. Visit the library's website and search for these titles:

  • Canadian Almanac

  • Associations Canada

  • Governments Canada

  • Canadian Parliamentary Guide

  • Libraries Canada

  • Canadian Environmental Resource Guide

  • Financial Services Canada

Although you can make initial contact with the HR department, it's typically best to connect directly with the person doing the work that you would like to do. You can often find contact information for this person via a company's website or, in larger organizations, by calling a company to access their staff directory.