Further Education Information Sessions

Further Education Information Sessions are a strategic way to showcase your institution’s post-grad diploma, certificate, or graduate programs to a targeted student audience and to meet with our enthusiastic and talented students.

Why host an Information Session?

  • Meet with qualified and engaged undergraduate students
  • Raise awareness of the program(s) you are recruiting for and answer questions from prospective applicants 

Registration for a Further Education Information Session Includes:

  • Logistical planning for the session provided by the Events Coordinator
  • Student registration system set-up and management
  • Virtual: Flexibility to use  your organization's preferred video communication platform or the Unversity of Guelph-supported platforms (Microsoft Teams)
  • In-person: Room booking in a space on campus
  • Promotion to students and faculty through a variety of channels, ensuring exposure
  • Final details information communicated in advance of the session including registration update
  • Day-of touchpoint with Events Coordinator to ensure success at your session
  • Post-session follow-up with Event Coordinator
  • Cost: $175 + HST
    • Note: Costs for some room bookings, access to the AV console, and hospitality are the responsibility of the employer
  • Exemptions:
    • This package s not available during the two-week window before the Further Education Fair hosted by the Experiential Learning Hub

Further Education Information Session Dates:

  • September to November
  • January to March
  • May to July

Note: There are peak times during each semester when students will be very busy with assignments, projects, and midterms.   

Session Length and Timing:

Further Education Information Sessions are typically booked for 1- 1½ hours.  Time of day can vary based on class schedules.  There is no 'best' time of day to host a session, however, we will work with you to find the best possible time of day.

If you require more information about hosting a Further Education Information Session please contact: 

Jennifer Cowie, Events & Employer Development Coordinator