Decision Making Steps

There are several ways to make a decision, and you have to find the methods that are right for you and right for the choice you are trying to make.

Whether you are making a decision rationally or emotionally, making a career choice or deciding what to wear for an interview, decision making has 4 main steps:

1. Define the decisions to be made

  • What choice are you trying to make?
  • Why is it necessary?

2. Identify your options

  • What alternatives do you have?

3. Gather Information on each option

  • What is each option all about?
  • Which criteria do you value the most?

4. Evaluate the options and decide

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each option?
  • Which do you prefer?

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For complex decisions you may need to prioritize your options or criteria. Click here to learn more about prioritizing and evaluating multiple options.