Co-op Work Permit

What is a co-op work permit and why do I need it? 

The co-op work permit allows international students to work when the work is for credit and is a required part of your Canadian academic program. A co-op work permit allows students to work full-time during regular school terms.

If you are enrolled in a co-op program, you are required to secure a specific Co-op Work Permit before you can begin working in Canada. Your co-op work permit will list the employer as “University of Guelph” and will allow you to work for any authorized co-op work term.  Your study permit does not cover co-op work. The Off Campus Work Permit is different from the Co-op Work Permit.

It is illegal to start working before receiving your work permit, therefore CECS will not allow co-op students access to co-op job postings unless a copy of the co-op work permit has been provided and we have confirmed its validity.


Because students must pass First Year Review before being eligible to continue in Co-operative Education, we do not encourage students to apply for a Co-op Work Permit until this process has been completed in May following the first year.  Please refer to the below chart.

Program Start Date COOP*1100 Taken Co-op Work Permit Required by 1st Day of Job Search Semester
F17 W18 F18 (September 1st, 2018)
F17 F18 W19 (January 1st, 2019)

*Work permits can take 2-4 months to process so students are encouraged to apply for their co-op work permit at their earliest convenience following the successful passing of First Year Review.

Maintain your co-op work permit

The expiry date on your co-op work permit will normally coincide with the expiry date of your study permit. You may renew your co-op work permit at the same time you apply to extend your study permit. You will need an updated verification letter - contact the Co-op Office for the letter well in advance of the planned next co-op work term in order to ensure your renewal prior to being given access to co-op job postings. 

To apply:

  1. Carefully complete the application form as specified.

  2. Include a verification letter from Co-operative Education & Career Services. Click here for information on how to request a letter.

  3. There is no fee required for your Co-op Work Permit because it is part of a co-op program.


Incoming and current international students (undergraduate and graduate) can get advice and direction on Co-op Work Permits from Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants through Canadian House Consulting Inc. 


For summer 2018, Canadian House Consulting Inc is available off campus at 1083 Gordon St., Suite 108, Guelph, Ontario, N1G0E8


Click here to schedule an appointment ,email or call 519-900-1022.

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