Co-op Work Term Requirements

*As you commence (or will shortly) your co-op work term, we want to remind you of the key requirements of your co-op work term. 

Winter 2024 Co-op Work Term Requirements Checklist.

Co-op Work Term Registration 

  • You are required to register for your current co-op work term course (i.e. COOP*1000, COOP*2000, etc. for Degree Co-op Programs and COOP*1020 for Associate Diploma Programs)  If you have not done this already, you will need to register during the current Add PeriodIf you do not add your co-op work term course by the deadline, the Co-op Office will add the course to your account mid-semester and a non-refundable late fee may be applied by the Registrar's Office.
  • Note that when you register for your co-op work term, a credit weight of 0.50 will be applied to your co-op work term course. For more information regarding the credit weight  visit:
  • If you have chosen to register for an academic course during a work term, you will be charged both a work term fee and an academic co-op fee (which will contribute towards the 8 academic and all work term fees). 

Contact Information

  • You are required to provide workplace contact information for both yourself at the workplace and your Supervisor. Ensure you have provided this information in by the end of the first week of your work term. Instructions are provided below.
  • This information is required in order to schedule site visit meetings, send the Work Performance Evaluation to your supervisor and to share co-op award notices. It takes just 5 minutes to complete - if you are on an 8-month work term, you must complete the information for each 4-month term separately.

Instructions to enter contact information:

  1. Once logged in to, click Co-op on the black side bar.
  2. Click  'View WTR’ beside your current work term semester (found under the section “Co-op Sequence” on the right).
  3. Click on the yellow ‘Edit’ button.
  4. Complete the Supervisor Information and Student Work Location sections. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Save”.

Learning Goals/Objectives

  • Complete your Learning Goals/Objectives in Experience Guelph by the end of your third week of employment. It is important to begin developing your goals within the first 3 weeks of your co-op work term and share/discuss with your supervisor. You can edit or adapt your goals as you learn more about your role and projects. You will also discuss your learning goal progression during the site visit meeting.
  • For further information regarding the development of your learning goals, click here

Instructions to enter your Learning Goals/Objectives:

  1. Go to your current work term record.
  2. Under “Work Term Details” click Goals/Learning Outcomes hyperlink.
  3. Click on “Create Record”.
  4. Fill in the “Learning Goal”, “Action Plan” and “Measure of Success” sections for each goal. Target 3-5 goals.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Save”.

Co-op Work Term Report


  • Support services are available to you as a co-op student out on a work term. If you encounter difficulties during your work term, we encourage you to contact your Co-op Coordinator. Additional resources available to you include Counselling Services, Student Health Services, Student Accessibility Services and more.


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