Child, Youth & Family Work Term Report Guidelines

Co-op Faculty Advisors

Andrea Breen

Macdonald Stewart Hall (MACS) 328

X 53967

Student Contact Times

  • Meetings are not held prior to the work term. However, they can be requested for additional clarification of expectations.
  • Students should contact the Co-op Faculty Advisor via email while on a work term, or in person or by telephone if on campus.

Work Report Guidelines 

Written reports are the preferred format. Other formats, including formal oral presentations may be considered with the Co-op Faculty Advisor.
Reports should be written in a scientific format. Please use the following guidelines to structure your report:

Students should follow the APA of referencing.


  • Report topics should link the research literature to the practical experience gained in work terms. Students must demonstrate an academic understanding of the research literature and link the topic to theoretical concepts learned in courses and in the research literature.
  • Once students have selected their topics they must consult their Co-op Faculty Advisor for approval.
  • The report can be based on work completed for the agency, which should be included in the appendix if possible.
  • Confidential work reports are not allowed.


  • The Co-op Work Term Report - Employer Comments Form is not required but is welcomed to assist the Co-op Faculty Advisor in marking the report.
  • The Co-op Faculty Advisor uses the following evaluation form to grade reports: Marking Scheme for the Report.
  • The Co-op Faculty Advisor will return reports to students upon request, otherwise, reports and marks can be picked up from the Co-op Faculty Advisor.
  • Any reports that are deemed unsatisfactory would be dealt with individually in a meeting with the student.