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4 Strategies to Land Your Resume to the Top

Monday October 23rd – Bailey C.

In a highly saturated job market, professional recruiters are endlessly looking for ways to cut the stack of applications down to a manageable number. After scouring the deepest corners of career advising websites I have brought together a list of a few tricks to ensure that your resume lands at the top of the stack.

1. Networking

The importance of networking cannot be stressed enough. To illustrate this point, The Balance reports that 70% of jobs are awarded based on networking and connections. Understanding the importance of and building professional networks can help to ensure that your resume makes it to the top of the stack once you send it off.

2. Tailor your Resume to the Job Posting

According to Workopolis, more than 60% of organizations use automated screening. It is likely that your resume has already been screened through a machine to ensure that your qualifications match those listed in the job posting prior to even being seen first hand by a recruiter. Some crucial and quick tips include explicitly copying keywords from the job posting, and highlighting relevant information at the top of your resume, typically in a skills or highlights of qualification section. Beyond this, make small alterations throughout your resume, ensuring the most relevant and closely related skills and abilities to the job posting take precedence over those that do not. Not only will this allow you to pass the automatic screening phase, but it will help the recruiter get an instant sense of how qualified you are compared to others.

3. Keep it Simple and Consistent

From the layout to the wording, it is important to make your resume as easy to read as possible. Keep fonts, colours, and letter sizes consistent throughout regardless of whether you are writing a header, sub-header, or body. Using concise language to demonstrate your qualifications. Notice a lot of experience that may not be the most relevant to the job? Try to replace it with new experiences that are more relevant!

4. Demonstrate Your Results

It is one thing to mention you have excelled at a particular task, but to quantify your results takes your resume to the next level. Adding percentages (%) and numbers can make an incredible difference when a recruiter skims through a resume if they are seeking a result driven candidate. Although you may not have on hand the actual statistics from past job performance, you can use rough estimates to add numbers and percentages to impress an employer from the outset.

By following these tips, you will be sure to spend less time creating applications and more time in interviews for your desired job!

- Bailey