3 Tips to Securing Your First Co-op Job

3 Tips to Securing Your First Co-op Job

Thursday, November 8th - Maneet S. 

Co-op is an exciting opportunity! You have the ability to start the job search process before graduation and gaining job-specific experience sets you up with skills and connections which will allow you to succeed in the future. The first job search however, does seem daunting. You’re learning how to tailor each resume and cover letter to each specific job posting while you apply, and the coop market is quite competitive. You may not even have experience in your field of study yet and are not sure how well your current experiences will be received by recruiters. It can be a stressful time and it can get overwhelming at times, but the three following tips are sure to help you succeed.

  1. Ask for constructive feedback

If you have the opportunity to do so, ask the recruiter for constructive feedback. Maybe you needed to sharpen up your resume, or maybe your interview skills could be improved upon. By asking for feedback, you can improve your skills for the next job you apply for. It is important not to dwell on the negatives. Everyone experiences setbacks, however, how you deal with these setbacks is what sets you apart from others.

  1. Use your networks

You may have family and friends who are working in the industry you are planning on applying to. It is important to ask them if they know if there are any openings in their company and if they can recommend you. It is also important to talk to career services. They have resources such as peer helpers and career advisors who are able to assist you in perfecting your resume and cover letters. They also perform mock interviews for the specific job you are applying to and can help you improve your skills.  

  1. Look at all possibilities

You won’t always land an interview for a job that was your first choice. However, it is important to look at all possibilities. Sometimes, a position that you were not even thinking about may be something you enjoy doing the most. You may even find a job that will teach you important skills that are relevant to your dream job. By looking at all possibilities, you are opening yourself up to positions and industries you may have not known even existed and are giving yourself a wider scope.

Applying for your first co-op job can be a scary process, but if you use your resources and ask for feedback, you are sure to secure that first job!