3 Tips for International Students for Job Searches

3 Tips for International Students for Job Searches

​Monday, November 19th - Kia-Marie P.

1.    Apply for your Co-op Work Permit Early

For the University of Guelph, you are not allowed to access the co-op job search board until you submit the permit to the office. However, this must be done as early as possible due to processing times for these permits varying depending on the volume of applications and how completed the submitted application is as additional documents needed can slow the approval of your permit therefore delaying your co-op job search.

2.    Location……Location……. Location

One of the most important steps you must do when considering applying to a position on experienceguelph.ca is the location of the job. At the top of every job posting you will find a section called “Job Posting Information” that contains information such as the name of the position, compensation types and most importantly the job city and country.

One of the easiest mistakes that can be made by international students is choosing to apply for a position without properly researching the location of the company. Some small towns can pose issues for international students due to a lack of knowledge about where these towns are located and what amenities will be available to them. Some important things to consider when researching company locations include: 

·         Does the city have an effective transportation system that will go directly to the company location?

·         Is a car needed to complete daily activities?

·         Is there available housing in the area? A nearby by university campus with dorms?

·         What resources does the city have? Are there nearby grocery stores, malls, restaurant, etc.?

3.    Look out for the words “Canada Summer Jobs Program”

The Canada Summer Jobs Program allows employers to apply for subsidies to fund positions that they will offer secondary and post-secondary students during the summer period. Unfortunately, to qualify for these jobs you must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident therefore during the summer jobs search period a high majority of the jobs offered on the co-op job posting board are under the Canadian Summer jobs program making it harder for international students to find jobs.

What this means for you? For any summer co-op term, you must be very proactive at the beginning of the job search period to ensure that you have enough opportunities to apply to jobs.